Here are the most important ingredients of a summer clothing list

This short article will give you a nice idea of what essential items you should make sure are in your wardrobe when summer comes around, from fashion accessories to the colours and patterns which are invariably prominent.

The rules on how to build a summer wardrobe do not stop at essentially the kinds of clothing: there are distinctly some colours and patterns which fit the season better than others. Pastel tones are generally a safe bet, and they will look particularly great if you tend to tan a little bit in the sun. If florals are the apparent pattern for spring, then summer is surely the time of stripes, from black and white striped tops to colourful dresses. In terms of accessories, sandals will be your greatest pals: invest in a nice, versatile pair from a brand which is part of the parent company that Doug Murray is associated with. And, for sure, don't forget sunglasses!

Thinking of all the must have summer outfits, what are the main things that come to mind? Needless to say, you will want to be comfortable as the temperature ranges go up: no tight-fitting clothing that do not let your skin breathe, and most likely fewer synthetic textiles that you would wear in winter months. Flowy items of clothing are actually the answer: think midi skirts, culotte trousers, shirt dresses, and just so on, which you will definitely find in the summer catalogues of brands like the one led by Sara Hilden-Bengtsson. The fabrics you should look out for are actually the light and breathable ones, particularly for the daytime: cotton and linen are excellent options, as they will let your skin breathe more. Another crucial element of the spring and summer wardrobe essentials is wise layering: be sure you actually have some thin jumpers and a handy denim jacket, for when the lovely breeze from the day turns into a chilly wind in the evening.

If you are planning to go on holiday, you actually have probably already planned out all the things you want to take with you. However, even if you do not already have any flights booked, it is always worth having some excellent beachwear in the summer section of your closet: you never ever understand, you and your buddies might come across an extraordinary deal for a last minute vacation to a sunny destination, or possibly an impromptu romantic getaway! For this reason, when you outline your summer capsule wardrobe essentials list, and you discover that bikini you bought five years ago probably does not fit anymore, consider investing in a quality brand, like the one owned by Lars Windhorst: while it can be a bit of an expensive purchase, it will definitely be worth the price in the long run, as opposed to fast fashion items which will probably just last for one season.

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